healthy 02

Supreme artisan salt scalp cleanser

Healthy 02

Size 250 g / 8,82 oz

Supreme Salt is a unrefined marine salt, made in the Trapani salt mines. It is unrefined and has no preservative or anti-thickening additives.

It has high sanitizing and purifying properties which cleanse the scalp by stimulating micro blood circulation and by detoxifying cells from toxins.

Pour 1 1/2 teaspoons of Healthy 02 salt into the specific Muràn container, allow it to dissolve in 25 ml of Amber Healthy 01 sea water and add seven drops of Energy 03, Purify 04, Balancy 03 or Serenity 02 pure essential oils depending on problem or simply based on aromatherapy preference. Continue with the detoxifying treatment as required.

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