energy 02

Energizing shampoo for hair loss

Energy 02

Size 1000 ml / 33,81  fl.oz

Revitalizing shampoo, conditioning and volumizing. Rich of Nori and Dulse algae with high-purifying properties. It contains essential oils of Sage, Juniper berries and Sweet Orange with their high stimulating properties and Serenoa oil, excellent inhibitor of degenerative processes responsible for hair loss.

Apply to dry or damp hair, emulsify, leave for a few minutes, rinse and apply to buffered hair the Energy 04 energizing essence for an intensive treatment or Energy 06 energizing lotion for a maintenance treatment. We recommend the use of Energy 01 mud before treatment. For an intensive and pleasantly detoxinating action add three drops of Energy 03 essential oil on a knob of Energy 02 shampoo. Also applicable when warm.

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