energy 01

Scalp detoxifying mud

Energy 01

Size 200 ml / 6,76  fl.oz

Regenerating mud, exfoliating and stimulating. It consists of Nori, Dulse and Spirulina algae with high detoxifying and rejuvenating properties that facilitate cell renewal bringing more oxygen to the tissues. It also contains essential oils of Cedar, Lemon and Cloves with stimulating

properties and Serenoa oil, excellent inhibitor of degenerative processes responsible for hair loss.

Pour 15 ml of detoxifying mud (3 teaspoon) into Muràn container and apply it with the Daily 00 natural sponge from the Mediterranean Sea on clammy skin, after it has been sanitized, if needed, with fine sea salt Healthy 02 mixed with Healthy 01 sea water amber. Rub gently, leave for a few minutes, rinse and proceed with Energy 02 - 05 energizing shampoo.

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